Claims Coordinates

Claims GPS Coordinates

The GPS coordinates are now available for all of the corner locations for the club claims. The coordinates will be available for downloading from the club website in .gpx format which is compatible with most GPS units and mapping programs. A Google Earth .kmz file is also available for downloading.

The default measurement unit is decimal degrees. Any GPS unit or mapping program will automatically convert this unit to your favorite unit of measurement.

Your GPS settings should be: Map Datum: WSG84 and WAAS: ON.

Please Note: The coordinates in these files are approximate values and are intended for references only. Your GPS readings will vary depending on your location, GPS antenna, accuracy, and operator experience. All longitude coordinates are assumed to be negative (-), west longitude.

Click on the links below to download the files:

GPX File = RRPC Claims.gpx

Google Earth File = RRPC Claims.kmz