How to Join

Joining the Roadrunner Prospectors’ Club is easy.

After you have read the Rules and Regulations and the Bylaws, then click on the New Member Application link and follow the process. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Membership Costs

The payment required at time of application is $340.00 to cover the annual Membership Fee, the OPS fee, and the FMC fee (Outlined below). You will also be charged a one time $12 initiation fee to cover the costs associated with new members.


    Life Membership dues are $2000, payable at the rate of $240.00 per year.

    • No interest is charged for payments.
    • Pay off your membership at any time.
    • Second year is prorated depending on when you joined.
    • Dues are paid a year in advance by January 1st to be in good standing.
    • As soon as you pay the $2000, you are considered a Life Member and no longer have to pay membership dues.



    The Operations Support Fee is assessed to each member annually to support the general operations of the club. Things like: Office Support, Meetings, Digs and other Outings and Events.

    • Due with your membership payment before January 1st.
    • All members have to pay this fee, even Life Members.



    Federal Mining Charge (FMC) helps support the claims maintenance fees the club incurs and is paid to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

    • Due with your membership payment before January 1st.
    • Calculated by taking the total BLM fees divided by the current membership.
    • The club currently pays $44,000/year to the BLM.


    Once you become a member, will receive a copy of all pertinent documentation including:

    • Roadrunner Prospectors’ Club Rules and Regulations
    • Bylaws
    • Plans of Operations and Dredge Permits (must be kept on you where required)
    • Map Package with all of our claims
    • Identification Badge (must be worn at all times when working claims)
    • Access to the Members Only section of our website.

    Ready to Join?

    We are working on rolling out an automated system, but you don't have to wait. Call our office at 602-274-2521 to get the ball rolling.

    New Member Application!