Membership Info

Why Become a Roadrunner?

The club has over 270 active claims on more than 5500 acres, and we are always looking for more! All have been tested by our claims committee and have been shown to contain GOLD waiting to be found by our members, and any GOLD you find on a club claim is ALL YOURS TO KEEP.

When you become a member you will gain access to all the club MAPS to every claim in the club’s inventory. These maps are updated as changes occur and are distributed via the website.

The club's Board Of Directors takes care of the business end of prospecting, so you can focus on the fun part. All the required PERMITS and PLANS OF OPERATIONS are negotiated and supplied by the club. In fact the club spends over $44,000 in government permit fees every year, all covered by your OPS and FMC fees.

We are a family-oriented club that welcomes prospectors YOUNG AND OLD. We have claims in beautiful areas of the State, so families can share the delights of Mother Nature at her best.

We have regular EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS and guest speakers at our monthly meetings to keep our members informed and help them be more successful prospectors. If you are new to prospecting then this is the club for you! We have hundreds of prospectors wanting to pass down their knowledge to the next generation. This starts as soon as you join with one of several NEW MEMBER ORIENTATIONS throughout the year.

Our club is ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE, and members have agreed to be good stewards of the land. In fact we reward members who do so by entering them in monthly nugget raffles. We also organize several RECLAMATION events throughout the year that are as fun as they are rewarding.

The club sponsors a variety of FUN OUTINGS throughout the year that are open to all members. We have BACKHOE DIGS multiple times a year where the backhoe does all the work, so all you need to do is get the GOLD! When it gets too hot during the day, we have NIGHT DIGS that are very popular.

Your membership isn't just for you, but it's for your entire immediate family. As a family oriented club, we have a FAMILY PICNIC and HOLIDAY PARTY every year with fun and games for all, and even more chances to win club gold! We also host a metal detector COIN HUNT in the fall for all ages.

With over 1200 family memberships in the club, it will be easy for you to find someone to prospect with. We make it easy with our GOLD BUSTERS list of members looking for prospecting partners. This information, as well as a wealth of information, can be found in our monthly newsletter, the BIRD TAILINGS.

We want you to get the most out of your membership, which is why throughout the year we offer MEMBER ORIENTATION CLASSES. No matter what your skill level you will gain valuable information from these classes.

From basic skills like reading the terrain, panning for gold, and metal detecting.... to learning drywashing and dredging skills.

Even experienced prospectors will learn more about the club resources, benefits and history... and you may even win a nugget while doing it....

Committed to preserving Arizona’s great prospecting heritage for all generations of gold prospectors.

We're a social club with a gold problem

Even when the prospecting ends, the fun, games and good conversations continue........