Prospecting/Treasure Related Links

Public Lands Information Center

This page is intended for recreationists who might be concerned with how government and tribal agencies’ Fire Restrictions and Closures, as well as prescribed burning, can affect camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.


The Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources web site has links to several Rock and Gem shows across Arizona. Click on the link below and browse their listing for locations and dates.

The Arizona State Land Department web site has information on Arizona State Trust Land usage. Be sure to review the FAQs to see an explanation of why Recreational Permits are required for using State Trust Land. Also note the list of not allowed activities that includes Metal Detecting.

This is the Finders site down under. Lots of nuggets pics to drool over. The forum deals mainly with Australian nugget detecting with Minelab detectors.

Eric Foster’s site. Eric is a pioneer in Pulse-induction metal detector designs, and manufactures his own line of beach and nugget detectors. Eric is working on a nugget machine that can handle the harsh minerals found in gold producing areas. Watch out Minelab!

An online magazine fromAustralia, for free! This site will keep you busy for a week or two, and have you ready to take the next flight to OZ to hook some of them monster nuggets!


ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal

One of the most informative magazines published on the subject of mining. A great source of information on the mining industry, legal updates small scale operators and prospectors.

Lost Treasure magazine’s online site. A new treasure tale and tip every day, plus the state treasure tales change monthly. Enter each day to win a new detector.

Rob Allison’s site. This site is managed by one of our members.

Bill Southern’s site. Now this site is cool. Good info on where to hunt, and some good treasure stories.

A great site for metal detecting, it has forums for most all manufacturers, and a great online magazine.

This site has been around awhile, it also has some great forums, including a prospecting forum. Check out the links, probably the biggest listing anywhere.

Lots of good info on how and where to look for gold, and info on filing claims. From the US Geological Survey website.