Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations are as adopted by the Board of Directors on July 11, 1983 and may be altered or amended from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Common sense consideration for the rights of the general membership by each individual member must be observed. Each of us needs to conduct ourselves in a way that extends more than ordinary courtesy to other members and guests.

GENERAL CONDUCT – Public drunkenness, profanity, excessive noise and other such behavior is prohibited. No member will threaten another member in any way. While on club claims members are required to wear (or display in a conspicuous place) either a Life Membership badge, if a life member or the current annual colored badge provided for all annual members. Members will also display the round club decal in the window of their vehicle or a bumper sticker instead of the decal. Members and guests will abide by Federal, State, and local laws, rules and regulations.

DISTRIBUTION OF MATERIALS – The distribution of any written material or solicitation of any type shall be prohibited at any Roadrunner Club function, without prior written approval by the Board of Directors. Violations of this regulation shall be enforced by ARTICLE I, SECTION 5.A., of the Club By-laws.

FIREARMS – The reckless or negligent use of firearms is prohibited.

DEFACING PROPERTY – Willful defacing of property is prohibited.


CAMPING LIMITS – There is a 14-day stay limit within any 30 day period.

FIRE – Fire regulations must be observed at all times. All internal combustion engines shall have an approved spark arrestor.

TRASH AND SANITATION – As we are good stewards of the land, please remember to pack out more than you have packed in. This includes all cigarette butts and trash.  Use your shovel as your toilet tool; away from the general camping areas and trails. Bury waste no less than 6 inches deep.

GUESTS – A member with guest(s) shall prospect RRPC claims with the members present at all times, for no more than three days, and can only use the member’s motorized and electronic equipment to get the feel of what we are all about. After that, the guests must join the Club to continue prospecting our claims.

PETS – All dogs on claims will be on a leash no longer than 10 feet at all times.

EQUIPMENT – Use of explosives, chemicals, tractors, dozers and backhoes are prohibited. Dredge size is limited to three inches on all Prescott National Forest claims where dredging is allowed , with the exception of those members grandfathered in on the Forest Service list for the use of four (4) inch dredges. Four inch dredges are allowed on claims on BLM controlled lands (not Prescott National Forest) which are on the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers 404 Dredge Permit.

PLANS OF OPERATION – Members shall prospect and mine in accordance with the approved Plans of Operation. Plans of Operation will be available upon request. No member will prospect on RRPC claims prior to the release of the Claim Map and appropriate documentation in our newsletter.

OBSTRUCTIONS AND HAZARDS – Individuals creating obstructions or hazards are responsible for the removal and returning the area to a usable and safe condition. All mining areas (holes or otherwise) must be filled in when leaving the area.  Per Roadrunner Prospectors’ Club, Inc. By-Laws, “ARTICLE I, SECTION 6. B., RRPC Board of Directors shall be empowered with authority to levy fines upon any member, who does not abide by RRPC Rules and Regulations to include our Plans of Operation, Notices of Intent to Operate, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 (Clean Water Act) and the act of leaving unfilled prospecting sites/holes on RRPC claims.” Such action by a member places RRPC in jeopardy of forfeiting all or part of a bond on a specific claim, if the governing entity has to perform reclamation work. If there is no bond on such claim, we can still be faced with costs of reclamation by theBLM or the Forest Service.

The RRPC’s Board has authority to levy fines equal to the estimated cost of reclamation for a specific area based upon guidelines as set by the BLMin their BLM 3809 Reclamation Cost Estimator; against any member who digs and leaves work areas/holes unfilled when leaving the claim. The member will be provided an opportunity to reclaim a specific area before any fine is levied, and then no further action will be taken by the Board. If a member disagrees to reclamation, then that member has the right to appeal the Board’s fine by submission of a written request and also to appear before the Board in person. If the member refuses to perform reclamation of a specific area and refuses to accept the fine as set, his or her membership may be revoked by a majority vote of the Board.

MINING AREAS – Members will be expected to observe common courtesy in use of their mining equipment and the selection of their mining site. For your safety and the preservation of the desert plants, there will be no undermining of trees or tunneling into banks.  At all times members are expected to prospect safely.