Members Only Section of the Website is now Open!

E-mails will be going out to current members on May 28th by the end of the day. If you don't get an e-mail by the 29th, please e-mail the office at:, so we can verify your e-mail address that is on file.

New members can now sign up via the website and no longer have to call the office unless they have questions about the membership..


Club members have full mineral rights to over 270 claims covering over 5,500 acres of gold rich land!

We have monthly meetings and events that are fun for the entire family, including metal detecting coin hunts and backhoe digs! Check out our PUBLIC CALENDAR to see.

For more information on what our club has to offer, visit our INFO page.

If you have already made up your mind to become a Roadrunner, then joining the club is easy. Just click on HOW TO JOIN.

Still have questions for us before you decide? Feel free to CONTACT US!